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Who is Caroline?

Ask Caroline| Caroline Ward+Joel Lourie

I was working in the insurance industry when my sister turned 65. She asked me to attend her Medicare briefing with a local insurance agent. As I listened to the presentation, I was thinking: “This is complicated stuff. What can I do to help people understand this?” At that very moment, I decided to specialize in Medicare so I could help people navigate what I call the “Medicare Maze.”

I also like working with the demographic of people age 65 and older. I developed a concern and compassion for senior adults when I worked in the Congregational Care ministry of a local church. I saw how many older people were confused as they faced major life decisions, one of them being Medicare. In my role as an Insurance Advisor, I educate people about their choices with Medicare and lead them to make a decision based on their individual needs. This is rewarding both for me and those I help. 


Caroline was invited to share on Reverse Magazine's Podcast - there's so much to learn!

Reverse magazine|Ask Caroline
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